3D Catalog
Fields of application : Industry, Marketing, Museums…
Enhance your marketing campaign by using a 3D Catalog that allows you to display and explain your products while adding a WOW factor.

Our solution

   Display a single product, or your whole catalog
    An amazing 3D viewer
    Descriptions of your products
    Animations, exploded views = 3D at its best
    Cross-platform : mobile, desktop, web
    The user experience and quality of a PAZTEC app

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  1. A digital double of your product

Are your using CAD ? We process your digital files to integrate them into your app.

  1. A whole catalog

Display your products by categories and scroll through them in full 3D menus that make them stand out.

  1. Interactive animations

Thanks to our experience in digital imaging, we can help you better explain the specificities of your products. Are you selling a complicated system ? Show it in operation so your customers can immediately understand how it works. Want to explain what makes your product different ? Show an interactive exploded view so that its composition becomes obvious.

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  1. You already have a 3d model of your products

We process and prepare them before integration into your application (mesh simplification, texture creation, material simulation according to your requirements of realism).

  1. You don't have 3D models yet

We can assist you in the digitization of your products. Manual modeling or photogrammetry services are available, contact us for advice.

  1. Let's animate !

According to your wishes, we can prepare animations to explain the functioning, composition or the use of your products.

  1. Integration

We build with you the digital version of your catalog, also integrating the descriptions of your products, in order to arrive at a finished product.

  1. Publishing

Your app is ready, let's publish it ! Our 3D catalog is compatible with tablets and smartphones on iOS and Android, with desktop computers, and even WebGL so that everyone can consult your new 3D catalog.

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