Vienne Tourism House
Virtual Tour of the Vienne Tourism House


Since the premises of the tourist office were no longer adapted to the ambitions of the city of Vienne (Isère, France) in the tourism sector, a project was created combining the construction of a new building with a place dedicated to the taste and gastronomy. The project began in early 2014 and is accompanied by a mobile app designed to present the technical aspects and uses of the tourism house.

Exterior view of the building: integration of the building into its context.

Paztec intervened in the realization of realistic 3D renders, obtained from the architectural digital model, and which allows a virtual visit of the then not erected building. Paztec's expertise is expressed in the many immersive 360 degree points of view, which contain superimposed information, and use the gyroscopes of the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to orient the point of view.

Interior of the building: light simulation and realistic rendering.

These spectacular interactive elements fit in a complete mobile app, providing both a presentation of the architectural project, explanations of the uses of the building, multimedia documents and access to a news feed about the construction site and events organized for the public.

This app is also an excellent tool for interpretation of the site, used several times during visits organized at different stages of the construction of the building.