An app to discover Cluny and its abbey church restored in 3D.


Created for the 1100th anniversary of the foundation of abbey, the Clunyvision app is a pioneer in the presentation of virtual 3D renderings of the heritage in augmented reality .

Resulting from the research carried out for more than twenty years in Cluny, virtual renditions of the great church, now mainly destroyed, allow the user to understand the site and, for the first time, to wander around this building, which was once the greatest of Christendom.

Virtual reconstruction of the great church
Augmented reality view of the main entrance

Paztec was founded to pursue the development of the technologies set up in Clunyvision, and to continue to innovate in the valorisation of the heritage. Interactive 360 degree views, almost like windows on the past, or photorealistic digitizations of sculpted elements, manipulated in the application, are two examples of Paztec's know-how that give this mobile application its full meaning.

Presented to Cluny visitors on smartphones and tablets since 2011, the application evolves with the innovations of Paztec, and has joined the framework of the Clunypedia project in 2014